These face masks are made of 19mm 100% Silk Charmeuse, a sublime fabric luxurious fabric with a firm, soft, supple feel and a stunning sheen. It is the spectacular draping ability however, which makes these masks unique. Once secured in place they conform to the lines of your face. Being silk, these masks are much less bulky and easy to breathe through and I must say they are incredibly stylish. The elastic is soft and has a small toggle that allows you to adjust the fit to your features.

The origin story of how these products came to Indigo Silks is beautiful. One day during lock down my son turned to me and said – ‘Mum the world is in agony’. I felt that that one innocent sentence summed current life up and I wanted to make some small difference and help my beautiful clients with their safety, health and beauty. As a response to COVID-19 I investigated bringing in Silk Face Masks. In my research I not only found a wonderful supplier of Face Masks, but also Eye Masks and Hair Bonnets which will be up soon too. I embrace the sustainability of these products; I love that they are reusable.

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