One day during lock down my son turned to me and said – ‘Mum the world is in agony’. I felt that that one innocent sentence summed current life up and I wanted to make some small difference and help my beautiful clients with their safety, health and beauty. As a response to COVID-19 I investigated bringing in Silk Face Masks. In my research I not only found a wonderful supplier of Face Masks, but also Eye Masks and Hair Bonnets which will be up soon too. I embrace the sustainability of these products, I love that they are reusable. In order to keep costs down for you and more importantly have less of an impact on our environment I am using minimal packaging. If you wish to have a gift box please let me know and I can organise it. All these products are made from 100% Silk Charmeuse.

Sadly face masks have sold out in under seven days. But not to worry a new shipment is on the way due in 2 – 3 weeks! For more information please email me at