Silk Bazaar Wings are a custom made product and thus are made to order. As wings are such a personal prop, each set is made in collaboration with you to ensure they compliment your costume. For each set of wings the silk is cut from the bolt, hemmed and hand dyed in my studio to your colour specifications and then assembled. As always silk thread is used to ensure the perfect finish. Being a perfectionist, my wings have to have the best of everything – from fabric to dye to sticks and most importantly time and personal touch – the results make your performance one that will mesmerise your audience with wings that float and surround you making you the absolute centre of the spotlight.

Standard Wings are constructed from 5mm Habutai, though heavier weight such as 8mm Habutai or other silk fabrics can be quoted. Standard wings are 2 wings each measuring 1.12m by 2.74m each.

To have a set of wings made, please email me at

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