We have for you a choice of a number of styles of poi, we offer you Lead Poi also known as Voi, Finger Poi, and weighted veils. We understand that different types of flow art suit different needs so we have worked to offer a variety to ensure you get exactly what your performance demands. We hold a small range in stock but prefer to collaborate with you to ensure you get the colour design you want. Please contact us and we can work with you to design and create your perfect poi.

Lead Poi / Voi are constructed from 5mm Habutai hand dyed silk which hook onto leads. They are sold standard as a set. These silks each measure 90cm x 140cm. Finger poi is attached to a ring that can be slipped on a finger. Finger Poi are usually constructed from 8mm Habutai.

Weighted veils have one side weighted to add flow and dimension to your performance. Veils can be made from both Habutai or Chiffon.

To have a set of Poi made or to have Poi made to your measurements, please email me at peta@thesilkbazaar.com.au

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