About The Silkbazaar

About The Silkbazaar

The Silk Bazaar is Australia’s premier creator of hand dyed silks for the dance and entertainment industry as well as for home and family. Based in the lower Blue Mountains, each piece is designed, dyed and individually handcrafted by designer and artist Peta Jones.

With a huge colour selection their colour styles are never the same, each design evolving out of a client’s individual needs. The craftsmanship means that customers will always have “a unique work of art.”

Working with a set range of products, customers still have the satisfaction of knowing every piece made is bespoke for their individual needs and Silk Bazaar will work with them from concept through to final product. From brief to burlesque, each piece will reflect your unique personality!

Silk Bazaar has extensive understanding of the intricacies of Burlesque, Belly dance and Samba just to name a few.

Artisan Peta Jones’ passion for silk art means she is always at the cutting edge of new techniques and silks to offer clients for their performance.

Silk Bazaar knows that every show and choreographed routine is a unique work of art and the same should be said for the costumes. Peta will work one on one with you to ensure that you have the perfect silks for your show. Silk Bazaar works closely with both national and international artists to create silks that have come to life and made the stars of each and every performance shine brightly.

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