Selecting Our Silk Products

Overview and Common Uses.

We stock a LOT of Silks in varying Weights, Sizes, and Weaves! Here we've listed many of their popular uses. Sometimes you might have to go find the product in another area of the site, under its primary use. We Always Take Custom Orders.. Just Tell Us What You Need!

Children & Toy:

11inch x 11inch – dolly dress up, learning games, memory games

22inch x 22inch—peekaboo, dolly dress up, nature tables

27inch x 27inch –18-24mos toddler sized silk, not stocked!

36in x 36inch—standard size, imaginative play, costume, cuddle blanket, baby wrap

45inch x 45 inch—big kids silks, imaginative play, costume, preschool nap blanket, nature tables

15x60inch – sash, leash, hair, dancing wand

45inch x 72inch—costume, nap blanket

45inch x 108 – play canopy, backdrops, lower bunkbed ceiling coverups

54inch x 108 –jumbo play canopy, floor play, parachute games

Sets of Squares—gift sets, nature tables, costume & imaginative game, wraps

Silk Capes:
SM small toddler
M age 2-5
L age 5-8
XL age 8-11

Terrascapes --Basics for Imaginative nature game props, Travel Play

Divine DressUps – Dolly DressUp, Travel Play

Fairytales, conversational games, coordination games, holidays, pet toys, gift favors, wedding favors

Silktails -- Soft indoor throwing games, Pool Play!, Increases bilateral coordination confidence in younger kids

Ribbonwands, Movement & Theatrical Production, Dancing Games

Silk Pouches – Storing Small Toy, Keepsakes, Card Games, Travel Play


22x22 -- Scarf for Dance

15x60 – Hair Accessory or Scarf for Dance

16x72 – Sash or Hair Accessory

36x72, 5mm habotai – Adult Small veil or Child Veil

36x84, 5mm habotai – Poi Veil or Adult Small or Child Veil

45x108, 5mm habotai – OUR STANDARD Ultralight Veil, Easiest to Learn

45x108, 6mm chiffon – Great for Entrances, Real silk Chiffon has a nice float

45x108, 8mm habotai –Preferred for Outdoors or Desired Heavier Veil

54x108, 8mm habotai –Preferred for Outdoors or Desired Heavier Larger Veil

45x144, 5mm habotai – Ultralight Longer Veil, Tall

45x90, 5mm habotai half circle – True Half Circle, Ultralight

45x108, 8mm habotai half circle – Heavier, Larger

54x108, 8mm habotai half circle – Heaivest, Largest – Outdoors, Large Spaces

Velvet Bags – Accessories: Travel Items, Jewelry, Makeup, Veils

Crepe de Chine Drawstring Bags – Zill Bag

Gypsy Flared Sleeve Choli Top- Dance Costume basics, Coordinates with Halter Choli Layering

Harem Pants, Split Leg – Coordinate with Gypsy Top, Halter Choli, Layering Under Petal Skirts

Petal Skirts – Extra petals can be wrapped/tied for changing costume look, fully adjustable

Halter Satin Choli – Combine with halter bra for invisible support, Exclnt for hot days!, Costume component

Hip Scarves + 8in fringe – Stocked in Patterns to Coordinate Our veils

Home, Decor & Fashion:

15x60 8mm habotai– Casual Professional Daily Accessory –Suit/Waist Length, Small Hair Wrap, Exercise Aid

15x72 8mm habotai – Daily Elegant Basic Scarf, Recommended Most Versatile Size! For Hair or Dress

20X80 Chiffon/Satin – Professional Clothing Accessory, Elegant Dressy or Formal Occasion as Accent Piece, Picture Frame Accent Wall Decor

22x90 8mm Habotai -- Small Sarong, Bust Wrap (layering) Large Hair Wrap, Picture Frame Accent Wall Décor, Table Runner

22x90 18mm Shantung --Heavier Small Sarong, Bust Wrap (layering) Lg Hair Wrap, Large Outdoor Head Scarf, Winter Scarf, Table Runner

45x63 Cut Velvet Floral Cape with 3.5inch Fringe – All Occasion, Dance Costume/Cover Up, Resort Clothing, Breastfeeding Coverup

54x72 Crepe de Chine Open Cape – Dance Costume/Cover Up, Resort Clothing, Breastfeeding Coverup

Silk Chemises – Above the Knee, real 18mm Satin – intimate gift (3sizes)

Silk Pillowcases 18mm Satin Charmeuse- Calming & Restful, Durable, Special Occasion Gift, Custom Décor, Reduces Hair Mussing Night

36x36, 8mm habotai Bandanna, Neck scarf for knotting

42x66, +8inch Fringe 8 mm habotai – Hip Scarves make Great Shawls Use for Décor

45x45, 8mm habotai --Large neck scarf, Head scarf

45x72, 10mm habotai or chiffon -- Sarong, Beach Cover Up, Travel Blanket, Child Bedtime Soothing ¾ Length Bed Wrap, Child Nap Blanket, Smaller Tablecloth

45x108, 5mm habotai – ultralight silk makes very nice sheer effects

45x108, 6mm chiffon – excellent for Décor: swags or wall art

45x90, 5mm habotai half circle – Great for Décor, Swags

45x108, 8mm habotai half circle – Great for Décor, Swags

54x108, 8mm habotai half circle – Great for Décor, Swags

45x108, 54x108, 8mm habotai --Body Wrap, a Sensual ¾ Length Bed Wrap, Swag, Tablecloth, Informal Privacy Screen

45x144, 5mm habotai – Xlong Makes Great Decor

Silk Fabrics… Custom Fabrics/Sizes to create Floor to Ceiling Fabric or other Décor Effects, Wedding Events, Tables, Décor, Swags

Silk Wine Bags – Corporate/Employee gifts, Holiday Gifts, Custom Decor